Sugar Shack is a five-piece, funky-spice, central Vermont rock band that gets the music up off the floor and makes it dance around. Founded in 2007, Sugar Shack has worked continually to vary and hone its repertoire through close to a hundred performances. The result is a hot mix of colorful tones and rhythmic counterpunch which showcases the band's roots influences, ranging from wide-open rock jams to tight 70's New Orleans-style funk. We come out to play hard and we don't leave anything in the tank. Our shows typically feature up to a dozen well-crafted original songs supported by a host of crowd favorites and many deeper cuts that are still quite fresh.

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Sugar Shack at Mad River Glen in Fayston, VT, April 2014. (Jenifer Tuck photo.)


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Recent performances:

Sugar Shack was first tapped in 2006, and the sticky sweet sap has been a-flowin' ever since....

Sugar Shack performs a well-blended mix of original music and choice selections from:

Send me an email to dennisd (at) madriver (dot) see-oh-emm (com) if you're interested in booking or more information. And I can also set you up with our Live Originals thru 2013, featuring Rob Dasaro on keys and vocals and Adam Tarmy on bass. Eleven towering tracks of bandmembers' own tunes assembled from a few really fun nights mostly late 2012 or early 2013. It's a classic, and a keeper. Hope you enjoy it! And many hearty thank you's to Adam and Rob for all the good times and great music over the years. We mean it.

Another way to say thanks is to check out Adam and Dennis's new acoustic adventure, the John Daly Trio

Sugar Shack: Dennis Derryberry (guitar, vocals), Jamey Fidel (drums), Gary Frankel (guitar, vocals), Jeff "G" Guerin (keyboards, vocals), Steve Sharp (bass)

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